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US Fair Ride Inc. is a transportation innovation, ride-hailing Business-to-Business and Business-to-Customer digital platform striving to become a global leader in electric and autonomous transportation.

With headquarters in New York City and offices in India and the Philippines, we aspire to provide a day-to-day world-class transportation service tailored to meet customers’ expectations while upholding global quality standards.

Our company solicits financial backing to sustain and continue giving high-quality yet affordable service.

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US Fair Ride Inc. aspire to deliver the best transportation service at an affordable price while upholding global quality standards.


Our customers’ satisfaction is our number one priority. This is the central part of our company which drives our passion of fulfilling our mission. We want to help customers overcome transportation shortcomings by becoming reliable partners capable of providing innovative solutions.

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Proper and fair treatment of our drivers and customers in order to meet their changing needs and desires.

Passion and heart for providing the best and most affordable transportation service on transportation service.

Nurture an environment capable of building lifetime connections with customers while upholding ethics and values with integrity.

Have the desire for continuous innovation and expansion while using modern technology.

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Our company’s day-to-day goal is to become a global innovative ride-hailing platform by providing the finest service at a fair price. 

In the future, we envision to redefining the transportation industry by becoming the number 1 leader in the self-driving car industry.

Fair Ride’s propositions to customers:

  1. Fast, reliable drop-off and pick-up service.
  2. Safe and comfortable trips delivered by highly trained drivers.
  3. 24/7 live customer support for emergencies and queries

Fair Ride’s propositions to drivers: 

  1. High commissions, big incentives, and bonuses.
  2. Flexible schedule.
  3. No unfair account deactivation.
  4. Loans, financial assistance, and other programs to help grow your driving career.


Our customers and drivers are our number one priorities. At Fair Ride, we try to resolve every concern and issue raised by our customers and drivers. We want to create a safe and healthy environment where everyone can enjoy our services.