US Fair Ride


Fair Ride imposes a zero-tolerance policy for infractions of its Code of Conduct, to which our independent drivers are held accountable. Fair Ride's Penalty Framework outlines the violations of its Code of Conduct that may result in a suspension or termination of the user's account.

1. Keep your driving documents up-to-date.

Obtaining and maintaining a valid national driving license, vocational license, and any other licensing or permits required by the authorities is always necessary. Ensure that your car and you are insured according to your local laws. You should be honest about your criminal history. Your paperwork must be updated and resubmitted when it expires, is revoked, or is required by Fair Ride.

Illustrations of infringements

  • Failure to have a valid driver’s license, a commercial license, or vehicle insurance
  • Registration as a driver using a forged document

2. There will be no tolerance for assault, harassment, or abuse.

Our platform will not tolerate physical violence, verbal or sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, murder, kidnapping, threats, or intimidation. Please refrain from making inappropriate remarks about anyone’s looks or asking too intimate questions. Contacting your passenger for personal reasons after the trip is totally forbidden. When in a conflict, avoid taking things into your own hands.

Illustrations of infringements

Providing the following commitment to all Fair Ride users and Fair Ride workers:

  • On-platform attempted or real illegal crimes such as physical/sexual assault, rape, murder, or kidnapping
  • Sexual assault – Harass user by sending improper sexual text
  • Staring, leering, or movements that are overt
  • All types of verbal or textual harassment/threat/intimidation via phone calls, messaging apps, or social media, including but not limited to asking personal questions or making comments about one’s looks
  • Any sort of profane, impolite, or improper language
  • Any sort of physical or verbal abuse
  • Contacting or stalking consumers for personal reasons after bookings have been finalized, either online or in-person

3. Do not engage in criminal activity.

If you do any criminal offenses, robbery, possession of illegal materials or weapons, acts of vandalism, or property destruction, you may face legal consequences. We will collaborate with law enforcement to investigate and prosecute violators.

Illustrations of infringements

  • State-law criminal offenses
  • A criminal investigation is underway against the driver’s partner
  • Vandalism or intentional damage to Fair Ride users’ or companies’ property
  • Failure to comply with Fair Ride or government regulations/instructions Intentional harm to other people’s property and public users

4. Follow all traffic laws.

Do not violate traffic laws or drive recklessly, endangering the lives of our users and other road users. This includes following speed limits, obeying traffic signals and lights, using hands-free equipment when driving or riding, and ensuring your users wear seatbelts. Wear a seatbelt or a helmet at all times. Avoid driving or riding for lengthy periods of time and take frequent pauses. If you are involved in an accident with a user on board, you must file a police report for record keeping.

Illustrations of infringements

  • Injuries, lifelong disabilities, or death to users, third parties, or pedestrian(s)
  • Violations of traffic laws, including but not limited to:
    • Injuries, permanent handicap, or death to users, third parties, or pedestrian(s)
    • Driving a car without a proper license
    • Driving or riding at excessive speeds on highways or footpaths
    • Driving or riding without a seatbelt or helmet is prohibited.
    • Driving or riding while distracted
    • Driving or riding when tired is prohibited
    • Hazardous driving/riding behavior reported
    • Vehicle registration plate intentionally hidden
    • Using a cell phone while driving

5. Alcohol, drugs, and weapons are strictly prohibited.

Do not use drugs or alcohol while using the Fair Ride platform. Illegal narcotics, open alcohol containers, and firearms are not authorized in your car. If a user or member of the public suspects you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they have the right to cancel your booking and notify Fair Ride or the police. Accept or transport unlawful items/dangerous commodities, as well as any unique requests from users for goods and/or services that are not provided by Fair Ride. If you have cause to doubt the nature of your parcel’s contents, please alert Fair Ride and the authorities.

Illustrations of infringements

  • Possession of any weapon, including firearms, pepper spray, batons, or knives
  • Drug possession or any illicit drug-related offense
  • Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol when booking a ride with Fair Ride
  • Intentional or attempted use of the Fair Ride platform as a front for illicit operations such as drug trafficking, money laundering, and the transportation of unlawful products and items
  • Accepting things for delivery that are not permitted by the service without informing Fair Ride/authorities: (a) unlawful/suspicious products (for example, illicit narcotics), (b) dangerous goods (for example, firearms), or (c) any other item prohibited by law

6. Maintain your vehicle.

Maintain the condition of your vehicle in compliance with industry safety standards and local regulatory regulations. Make certain that you only utilize Fair Ride-registered vehicles.

Illustrations of infringements

  • Complaints about the state of your safety equipment (seatbelt/helmet)
  • Internal/external vehicle damage compromising vehicle quality or safety (e.g. windscreen cracked, door or windows not working, air conditioning not working)
  • Driving a vehicle/plate/account other than the one specified in the app
  • Driving or riding in a vehicle/plate/account other than the one specified in the app
  • Allowing someone else to utilize your car or license to make Fair Ride bookings on your behalf
  • Not utilizing the registered method of transportation/delivery with Fair Ride
  • Vehicle sharing or pooling during bookings/delivery

7. Ensure excellent hygiene and health.

Maintain good health and proper hygiene at all times. Have your eyes checked at least every two years, or as often as an ophthalmologist deems appropriate. Make sure you discuss any possible drug side effects with your pharmacist or doctor. Please do your bit to make your vehicle and environment a safe place for your clients, your family, and yourself. Refer to the most recent government recommendations for personal and vehicle cleaning requirements on a regular basis.

Illustrations of infringements

  • Not wearing a mask or face protection when required
  • If you are feeling ill, do not drive
  • Failure to notify Fair Ride if you have COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19
  • Not frequently ventilating or cleaning the vehicle/delivery bag