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US -Based Fair Ride Is Ready To Make History by Becoming The First Minority Ride-Hailing Platform in The Industry With A Launch Of Ride-Hailing Apps.

FairRide Group Inc. is set to make a revolutionary difference in New York with its
cutting-edge, easy-to-use driver app and customer app to offer unmatched digital
transportation services. Sign up and get your first ride free.

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New York City, New York- Minority Based- Radiating Inclusivity and Acceptance.
Mobility is an absolute necessity. Yet, as in most aspects of life, the availability of affordable
options can make all the difference. The mobility revolution has spurred an emergence of a new
breed of ride-hailing platform that caters to specific needs and businesses in innovative ways.
Fair Ride digital transportation service takes the limelight when it comes to affordable
transportation and mobility options.
The US Fair Ride is the future of mobility and the re-imagination of the daily commute. To offer
an environmentally-friendly, fast, and cost-friendly service that will be quick and easy to use, the
platform is set to launch its user-friendly ride-hailing apps, including US FairRide for customers
and the US FairRide driver app for drivers in New York on 1st September. Furthermore, to let people know about their unrivaled service, they offer the first RideRide free to every customer
who downloads the app at the play store.


Fair Ride Group is a global corporation dedicated to innovative, sustainable, affordable
transportation solutions. With a dynamic vision to be a global leader in electric and self-driving
cars, they are working towards the future of transportation to make it accessible to everyone.
Typical cab charges have been on the high side and are too expensive to travel from one point to
another. Fair Ride Group’s best transportation company is designed to provide cheaper and
more reliable alternative transportation services, specifically for commuting to and from a nearby
destination, for a lower and discounted price.